Swedish traditions In Germany

differneces-germany-swedenThe Swedish traditions in Germany are still used and accepted by a number of Germans, and is truly amazing that these two nations have a married together a cultural match. This is because some of the accepted traditions in Sweden are actually very contrary to German values. This is because Swedes consider drinking alcohol should happen only during the weekend time, which is not much valued by Germans who don’t mind drinking during normal working days. Now then again- with Swedes, they value Chinese car brands. Aside from the Volvo which is built by Swedish people and large people overall, they don’t mind the compact cards that need little or no maintenance that goes with them. This is not much welcomed in Germany since they love their expensive cars like Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen. The result is that certain Sweden traditions are considered low class or rather conservative by most Germans in general.

The Swedish like using traditional utensils like wooden knives to spread butter on bread, as opposed to Germans who like using normal knives to spread their butter. Commonly, Germans feel so superior with their customs as compared to Swedes. Swedish just stay humbled while in Germany, they try to avoid conflicts wherever they happen to live and work. This happens very often (in a Swedish way) of responding by nodding over what Germans try to tell them; Swedes are very specific with what they buy and where they like to buy it. This is seen more often when they need to buy alcohol, or have to go to the stores owned by the state. Germans on the other hand buy alcohol any time they want- as long as they can access it whenever they want. This makes Swedes culture and customs devalued by many Germans in Germany. However there are some residual traditions that still exist despite that!

In Germany, when people make jokes based about the Dutch, they feel surprised and anxious when they hear the punchline. Swedes on the other hand don’t see this as a something to be surprising like the Germans do. For them, making jokes about Norwegians as what makes their jokes even funnier. This has contributed to the Swedish belief of being seen by Germans as being a retrogressive society. Swedish culture has often been accused of being slow in engaging itself in wars and not being so keen in confrontation which led to a prejudice by Germany for being Cowardly, which is not really how the Swedish see themselves. Thought they are less ambitious when comes to the provocation for war or responding to it, Swedes have much to thank for their fear of getting ill, and when they aren’t bellyaching over a headache – they quickly go look for Alvedon or even Ipren for the solution; as a result from a consultation from their nurses and doctors or recommendations from trusted Swede friends. On the other hand, Germans don’t worry so much about illness, they just take Aspirin and hope for the best. This shows how Sweden customs are open season for being made fun of by the Germans.

Now between these two nations; in terms of their customs highlights, Swedish news and society are perceived and interpreted as being overly conservative in different ways. This is because Germans value lifestyles issues in a totally different way than the Swedes. as a result, Germany expects Swedish people to have another perception on life as general.