Swedish-German relations have never been so good

Well, the history of the Swedish Heritage Route wasn’t a pretty Cinderella story as you might think, but when we started this site, it was the intent that past knowledge and experiences from that time in history should be explored. We hope people will find it informative, educative, and entertaining.

Susanne Schwarz- is a talented website writer.

I love people, and people love me. If you were to ever ask me what's my favorite part of the day, I would probably say when I am interacting with someone. The best part about being a tour guide is that I get to interact with people of all ages and from all walks of life. In those moments, I am like the oracle, all knowing, taking them through history, through a past that has shaped the world today and some of their lives in ways they couldn't possibly have comprehended until they met me. I use the tag name ‘Open Heart’ because, in essence, I am an open book. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Karolin Jansson- enjoys being a website editor.

I am a silent lamb, or I am I. I think I am, but people say I am loud. To be honest, I hardly shut up, and that's because I always have something to say. Don't be quick to judge me though, people also say I am a cry baby. I am simply just too emotional about my work. I believe there is nothing more rewarding in the world than giving your best and seeing positive feedback from your blood and sweat, especially when I see positive comments, they warm my heart.

Steffan Lundstrom- an expert historian on Swedish/German relations

I am a contributing writer for the website. I am half Swedish and half German, but otherwise born in the Good ‘ol USA. I have always been fascinated by the history of Sweden and German, especially their relations. And so I studied their history and poured years of research into everything I know now I love sharing my knowledge, hence I am very proud of this website because it gives me an expansive platform to share what I know with the world.

Marcel Olssen- I am the special events reporter for this site.

I love the quote, "Be fearlessly authentic". I always strive to make my own way, it is what makes me who I am. I am also passionate about the Swedish culture and Swedish relations with Germany. Perhaps youi’ve seen my previous blogs under the online name ‘White Tiger’. The White Tiger is wild, fearless, and rare. And just like the White Tiger, I am also wild, fearless, and rare.

We hope to shade a light onto forgotten and unknown facts about Swedish-German relations. Our main strategy for achieving our goal is providing high-quality content that is authentic and filled with facts. Of course we intend to include the latest developments too, so if you have anything you might like to contribute or tell us about in your experiences on the Schwedenstrasse, let us know through our e-mail:



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